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About Christian Gallardo

Christian Gallardo, hailing from Columbus, Ohio, is an accomplished gymnastics instructor with a wealth of experience training notable athletes in the field. Prior to embarking on his coaching journey, Christian himself was a competitive gymnast, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. His high school years were adorned with gymnastics achievements, culminating in his attainment of United States of America Gymnastics Level 10, an accolade just shy of the elite echelon. Throughout his competitive tenure, Christian’s expertise blossomed in disciplines such as floor routines, vault maneuvers, and parallel bars performances, amassing an array of state and regional accolades, including a collection of coveted medals.

Beyond the realm of athleticism, Christian Gallardo exudes an unwavering zeal for the transformative power of sports. He holds the firm conviction that engagement in sports imparts invaluable life lessons, and his role as a coach allows him to shepherd athletes through these pivotal insights.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Christian consistently seeks to expand his gymnastic repertoire, refining his leadership acumen and fostering harmonious connections with those he mentors. Even amidst demanding circumstances, Christian thrives in the gymnastics milieu, demonstrating remarkable composure and adaptability in the face of extended hours and pressure-laden scenarios.



Future Gymnastics Academy · Self-employed
Apr 2017 – Present
Blacklick Estates, Ohio, United States

Elite Gymnastics Coach

Buckeye Gymnastics, Inc. · Full-time
Jul 2011 – Oct 2016
Columbus, Ohio, United States

Tumbling Instructor/Team Coach

The American Dream Gymnastics · Part-time
Mar 2009 – Jun 2010
El Paso, Texas, United States

Co-Founder/Director of Performance

Future Performance Campus · Self-employed
Apr 2017 – Present
Blacklick Estates, Ohio, United States

Team Gymnastics Coach

Diamondback Gymnastics · Full-time
Jul 2010 – Jun 2011 
Mesa, Arizona, United States

Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics Elite · Part-time
Jan 2007 – Dec 2008 · 2 yrs
El Paso, Texas, United States

Business Consultant

Coach Gallardo · Self-employed
Nov 2016 – Present
New Albany, Ohio, United States

Military Police

US Army
Jun 2007 – Jun 2011
United States

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

El Paso Sport · Part-time

Dec 2005 – Dec 2006

Penn State University

Business Administration and Management, General

The University of Texas at El Paso

Business Administration and Management, General