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About Christian Gallardo

Christian Gallardo is an athlete, sports enthusiast, lifelong learner, and accomplished businessman who has spent many years investing in athletes around Columbus, Ohio. After being a competitive gymnast for many years, Christian has spent the rest of his professional career giving back to the sport by becoming a coach for young athletes like himself. He is a firm believer in the power of sports for learning life lessons and developing character, and he loves helping other athletes through the learning process. 

For the first ten years of his coaching career, Christian Gallardo worked out of existing gymnastics centers. He worked with gymnasts of all levels, from young kids in recreational classes to teens competing at the elite level. Christian had the pleasure of coaching multiple award-winning gymnasts, including Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas, USA national team members Shilese Jones and Nia Dennis, and junior elite gymnast Shania Adams. Coaching these top-level gymnasts requires long hours and extensive travel in high-pressure environments, but Christian has loved every minute.

In 2017, Christian Gallardo chose to take his skills to the next level. He founded Future Gymnastics Academy and Future Performance Campus. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Christian had the knowledge and background to build these businesses into thriving organizations. The gymnastics program became one of the most successful gymnastics clubs in Ohio and fostered athletes from the developmental level all the way to the national team. He managed a team of over 25 employees and embraced every opportunity to help athletes discover their love for gymnastics while fostering growth through training and encouragement. Future Performance Campus, a large sports campus, has also grown quickly over the years. In addition to gymnasts, the facility has hosted training for NBA players and CrossFit Games athletes. Christian manages a wide variety of programs throughout multiple facilities and ensures his teams run smoothly and effectively.

Outside of running these athletic programs, Christian Gallardo also operates as a business consultant in sports marketing and digital consulting. He has worked with multiple high-level sports companies worldwide and remotely runs multiple gymnastics and sports facilities. 

With his busy schedule and dedication to sports, Christian Gallardo is clearly passionate about what he does and determined to share what he knows with other people in the industry. Christian never stops learning and continually seeks to improve his coaching and consulting. He maintains his training and certifications in safety and risk management, SafeSport, and more, ensuring he always takes the best care of his students by staying up-to-date on the latest guidelines and regulations.

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